Rules of Play

USGA rules shall govern all play with the noted exceptions.
Unless otherwise noted on the Notice to Competitors/Local Rules Sheet, play the ball as it lies.

The use of motorized carts or caddies is not permitted.

Doubt as to Procedure – Rules 3-3. In stroke play only, when during play of a hole a competitor is doubtful of his rights of procedure, he may without penalty, play a second ball.  After the situation which caused the doubt has arisen, the competitors should, before taking further action, announce to his fellow market or a fellow competitor his decision to invoke this Rule and the ball with which he will score as the Rules permit.  The competitor shall report the facts to the tournament director before returning his card unless he scores the same with both balls; if he fails to do so, he shall be disqualified.  NOTE: Any discrepancies must be reported to the scorer’s table immediately following play.
Make sure all scores are correct and both the player and scorer sign the card. If you intentionally attest to a score that you know is incorrect, you are also disqualified.

A player must return his/her scorecard to the designated scoring person or scoreboard area immediately upon completion of play.  Failure to do so may result in a penalty or disqualification.

Tie Breakers:
Ties resolving a first place finish will result in a sudden death playoff until a winner is decided by lowest score (no max amount of holes)
Ties involving 2nd place + finishes will result in a scorecard playoff using the men’s handicap system for the course that is being played

Rules of Player Responsibilities

All players are to protect the field at a tournament.  Aplayer or players scorekeeper must not sign a scorecard that he/she believes is incorrect.  If you intentionally attest to a score that you know is incorrect, you are also disqualified.
A player shall not permit any score to be posted that he/she has evidence is incorrect.
All players shall not leave the tournament site until, as a group, they reconcile, sign and attest all scorecards at the scorer’s table.
Penalty for breach: Both player and the marker are subject to disqualification.

Other Information and Hints

Players are responsible for knowing the respective tees to be played at each event.
Exchange scorecards with a player in you group.
Begin keeping score on the hole where you begin play.
Maintain a count of you strokes as well as the players whose score you are keeping.
Verify his/her score verbally upon completion of each hole.
Any changes on a scorecard must be initialed.
Be neat.  A card that is not complete or that cannot be easily read may result in disqualification of the player.

Code of Conduct

The ACE Golf Foundation expects the High School Tour members to conduct themselves properly.  Anything less is not acceptable.  Improper conduct can result in disqualification from a tournament.  If repeated, it may result in suspension of membership.

Specific Violations Include:

Cheating will NOT be tolerated.
Lack of respect to the scorer, director or tournament host.
Failure to abide by the Rules of Golf or a decision by an official
Damage to greens and other course property.
Throwing clubs.
Obscene or vulgar language.
Use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs (unless medically prescribed) during play.
Poor conduct or behavior

Code of Courtesy and Etiquette


Be respectful and courteous to all people at the host course.
Stand still and be quiet when someone is playing
Play ready golf.
Watch everyone’s ball, and help search for it.
A whiff is the same a hit – it counts as a stroke.  Count all strokes.

On the tee…

Know the ball you are playing, and identify it with special marking.

In the sand…

Enter and leave sand bunkers from a low side.
Rake your divot and tracks when you finish playing from them.

On the green…

Place your bag on the side of the green nearest the next tee
Repair you ball mark plus one other.
Place a ball marker right behind your ball.
Walk to your ball and putt without stepping or standing on anyone else’s line of putt.